Tulspura, North Canal Bank, Lahore PK



February 19

The Skin of My Teeth: The Enamel- Saliva Continuum

Speaker:          Dr. Paul Anderson

March 12

Introduction to research

Facilitator: Dr Fatima Shuaib

March 5

Nutritional deficiency and their effect on Oral health

Facilitator: Minal Mirza

February 19

The skin of my teeth

Facilitator: Paul Anderson

January 26

Workshop on critically appraisal

Facilitator: Dr Haris Iqbal

January 20

Laser LX 16 plus

January 16

Impacted teeth

Facilitator: Abir Arif

December 19

Enamel regeneration current progress and challenges

Facilitator: Fatima Ikram

December 12

Workshop on Reference manager mandatory

November 29

Reading published paper

November 21

Case presentation smile rehabilitation with direct composite

Facilitator: Aiman Hikmat

November 4

Endodontic Diagnosis

Facilitator: Dr Wasif Altaf

October 17

Oral manifestations of Diabetes Mellitus

Facilitator: Majdia Shaukat

September 5

Fluoride toxicity

Facilitator: Rimsha Amir

July 18

Surgical reconstruction of Jaws

Facilitator: Kizal Rauf

June 20

Synthesis and characterizations of novel bioactive dental restorative material

Guest Speaker:        Dr. Abdul Samad


June 20


Facilitator: Amna Saleem

May 16

Analysis of an experimental scaffold using osteoblasts through gene expression of markers for osteogenesis

Facilitator: Fatima Suhaib

April 23

Quality assurance in medical education

April 20

Bone Scaffolds

Facilitator: Zara Ehsan

April 18

Role of growth factors in periodontal regenerations and implant dentistry

Facilitator: Nuvaira Butt

April 1

Talk on Oral Health Care in United States

Presenter: Dr. Salman Malik

March 21

Management of OSF – The conservative approach

Facilitator: Amber Salimi

February 21

Innovative Dental stem cell based approaches-The future of dentistry

Facilitator: Ayesha Tahir

February 11

Introductory Seminars of Research

Facilitators: Research + Ethical committee

January 27

Scientific writing

January 1

Cleft lip + Palate

Facilitator: Salman Malik

November 29

Forensic Odontology

November 18

Tooth Discoloration

November 15

Restoration of endodontically treated teeth

Facilitator: Umber Zara

September 21

Oral health care for older adults

Facilitator: Zarish Nasir

August 16

Orthognathic surgery

Facilitator: Abdullah Bin Yousaf

June 21

Role of Antimicrobial Agents added to orthodontic bonding Material in the prevention of white lesions

June 19

Tooth surface loss

May 17

Periodontal tissue engineering + Regeneration – Current trends + Future directions

Facilitator: Maria Tnaveer

April 19

Teeth + Their secrets

Facilitator: Fizza Ali

March 3

1st annual seminar of LMDC in collaboration with indian Mdeical association

February 15

Salivary biomarker

Facilitator: Ayesha Tahir

January 30

Introduction to research step by step guideline (seminar)

Facilitators: Research + Ethical committee

December 20

Crown lengthening – why, when, how

Facilitator: Shafaq Habib

December 12

Management of collapsed patient

November 30

Beyond scaling + Root planning

Facilitator: Dr Mohammad Ahmed Javaid

October 20

Medical problems in dentistry

Facilitator: Dr kashif Hafeez

October 19

Role of Fluoride

Facilitator: Maleeha Mustafa

September 28


August 17

Colors stability in resin composites

June 15

Oral lichen plains

Facilitator: Masooma Ikram

April 29

Treatment of deep bite in ortho patients

Facilitator: Maria Mubasshir

April 21

One day symposium (clinical dentistry)

Facilitator: CDE

March 18

Botox in ortho

Facilitator: Fahad Chaudhry

March 16

Role of NSAID in dental pain

Facilitator: Nayab  Gillani

February 16


Facilitator: Ms Aliya Asad alam

January 18

Restoration Treatment options in esthetic dentistry

December 20

Introduction of paedodontic dentistry and the role of paedontics dentistry in the wider field

Facilitator: Dr Mohsin ch


December 15

Workshop on Assessment

Facilitator: CDE

October 7

Clinical governance the present + future of dentistry (seminar)

November 2

Seminar for perio

Facilitators: Alla-ul-Din Siddiqui, Sobia Zafar