Tulspura, North Canal Bank, Lahore PK

Chairman & CEO Messages


Mian Amer Mahmood

I am pleased to welcome you to Lahore Medical and Dental College, now a part of The Punjab Group of Colleges, the largest education network in the country. This pivotal milestone in the College’s history includes joining the ranks of three chartered universities: The University of Central Punjab, Capital University of Science and Technology, and Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, as well as over four hundred colleges and fifteen hundred schools across Pakistan. Having set the standard for private education, we as a group look forward to building upon Dr. Javaid Asgher’s legacy of excellence and working with Dr. A Majeed Chaudry, Professor Aqib Sohail, and their team of eminent doctors, surgeons, dentists, and professors.

Being Punjab’s first Medical and Dental College, established in 1997, we are not only recognized by Pakistan Medical Council but have been awarded the ranking of A. It is through this distinguished honor that our students can be part of a global community of doctors by appearing in professional examinations like US Medical Licensor Examinations and The Royal College of England Medical Certifications as well as the National Dental Board Examinations. I am proud to say that you will be able to find our graduates serving communities all over the world. We aim to set a rigorous and comprehensive course of study for our students that will challenge and help them reach their highest potential. This community of medical practitioners, educators, researchers, and professors aims to impart the best existing practices and create new knowledge that saves and enhances lives. To do this, we have partnered with some of Lahore’s leading hospitals: Doctor’s Hospital, Surgimed Hospital, and Ghurki Hospital. Not only this but, in the near future, we plan on establishing a new hospital within the premises of LMDC so that students may have access to and facilities to learn from the best doctors on campus in a practical and conducive environment.

Chief Executive Officer

Prof. Dr. Javaid Asgher

Medicine is not just an occupation or a career but a profession. We at Lahore Medical and Dental College, strive to instill in our students an appreciation of the meaning of service, a love of learning that will stay with them throughout their professional lives and a sense of duty to their patients, their colleagues and their community.

Lahore Medical and Dental College’s program in medical education is designed to foster excellence in the future leaders of medicine. The focus of our educational program is not merely the transfer of information but the transformation of the learner in a culture providing that ingenious combination of support and challenge that leads to education.

We have designed a program to provide a broad, rigorous and flexible foundation that will enable students to reach their highest potential of achievements. Students are trained to develop sensitivity to the world of the patient and to the social contexts in which medicine is practiced.

Come, join us in creating medical history. I promise you an enriching exciting and fulfilling learning experience at Lahore Medical and Dental College.