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Student Grievances



Assuredly, we at Lahore Medical and Dental College look forward to provide you with a fertile ground and stimulating environment to pursue the study of the MBBS program. The college will ensure the graduates have the right to report any misconduct.


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The Lahore Medical and Dental College only accepts complaints from formally enrolled medical students. Students are encouraged to address their complaints with the individual involved, at the earliest possible time on an informal basis. However, in case of dissatisfaction from informal meeting, then a formal complaint should be filed.

According to the Lahore Medical and Dental College Policy Manual, the following is definition of informal and formal basis of complaint.

Informal Basis: Students are encouraged to utilize informal mechanisms as direct discussion/ conversation with administration or alleged offender (in case of an offense).

Formal Basis: When a student is unable to resolve the situation with above mechanism he/she will provide a written complaint.

If issue falls under Professional Code of Conduct Violations, Student Maltreatment, Gender Misconduct, the policy on these specific issues will take precedence. All formal complaints must be submitted ONLY to the Office of the Principal of Lahore Medical and Dental College. Complaint maybe withdrawn by the complainant, in writing at any time.

If necessary the college will request additional information. Upon receipt of the complaint following protocol will be followed:

1. The complaint will be lodged (both electronically and in a physical log book) in the Office of the Principal LM&DC.

2. Principal LM&DC will forward the case to the Student Complaint Committee for suitable investigation.

3. The committee will perform with due diligence to investigate the complaint. Minutes will be kept and logged.

4. After all the findings have been compiled, a summary investigative report will be written and submitted to the Principal LM&DC.

5. The Principal will take action accordingly and if necessary refer case to Disciplinary Committee.

6. A copy of all documents will remain on record in confidentiality in the Office of the Principal, LM&DC.

Lahore Medical and Dental College is an institution rooted in the care of the whole person. We aim to ensure our graduates are recognized in their career not only by excellence in their field but also by humane qualities expected in a doctor. The key element is to give respect and receive respect.

The interaction between teachers, learners and administrative staff should emulate this founding principle. As such, LM&DC is committed to creating and sustaining an educational environment that fosters the values and virtues of:

+ Mutual respect
+ Trust
+ Honesty
+ Collegiality
+ Compassion

Values such as these are essential for effective relationships between faculty, students, and administrative staff. The medical learning environment is expected to facilitate students’ acquisition of the professional and collegial attitudes necessary for effective, caring and compassionate health care. The development of these attitudes is based on the presence of mutual respect between teacher, learner and staff. Characteristics of this respect are the expectation that all participants in the educational program assume their responsibilities in a manner that enriches the quality of the learning process.


The purpose of this policy is to outline behavior expectations that promote a positive learning environment for medical students with delineation of complaint/grievance procedures to address alleged violations without fear of retaliation.

The policy offers definition of maltreatment and unacceptable treatment of medical students, and describes procedures available to report incidents of maltreatment in a safe and effective manner.


Maltreatment of students can occur in a number of forms and may seriously impair learning. Types include verbal, power, ethnic, physical and harassment, but are not limited to repeated instances or single egregious instances of:

Verbally abusing, belittling, or actions that can reasonably be interpreted as demeaning or humiliating.
Unwarranted exclusion from reasonable learning opportunities
Threats to fail, give lower grades, or give a poor evaluation for inappropriate reasons
Committing an act of physical abuse or violence of any kind such as pushing, shoving, slapping, hitting, tripping, throwing objects at, or aggressive violation of personal space
Unwelcomed comments, innuendos, or taunting remarks
Lahore Medical & Dental College prohibits discrimination against and harassment of any student because of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, gender, or any other characteristic. All members of the institution support this effort and will respond promptly and appropriately to any concerns that are brought to their attention.


Students who themselves experience or observe other students experiencing possible maltreatment are encouraged to discuss it with someone in a position to understand the context and address necessary action.

The individual considering filing a report of maltreatment should first, if possible, follow informal resolution option. However, if unable to resolve situation using informal mechanisms he/she should give a written description of the situation to the Office of the Principal.

A Student Maltreatment ad hoc committee may be appointed by the Principal if need be, with at least one faculty member and one student. The ad hoc committee will conduct an investigation and report to the Principal within 10 working days of receiving the complaint.

Medical Student requesting complete anonymity should be made aware that doing so may interfere with the College ability to investigate the concern and the ability to receive information about the follow-up investigation.


Retaliation is strictly prohibited. Individuals who believe they are experiencing retaliation are strongly encouraged to contact the Office of the Principal. Alleged retaliation will be subject to investigation and may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination or expulsion from college.


Students have the right to appeal to the Principal.



The policy was created to define what forms of misconduct are prohibited and to set forth the procedure in which such situations will be addressed by the College; and to provide resources for victims and those accused.

LMDC defines misconduct as any wrongdoing which encompasses gender exploitation/ discrimination, harassment, violence. LMDC is committed to creating a safe and responsible environment by fostering a community that promotes prompt reporting of all types of Misconduct and fair and timely resolutions.

This policy extends to employment with and admission to the College. Consistent with due process, all accused are presumed innocent until proven otherwise under this Policy.

PROCEDURE: Reporting Guidelines

Reporting an Incident of Gender Misconduct
Employees and students should report violations of this policy immediately upon receiving a complaint or observing or learning of conduct that is reasonably believed to be in violation of this policy. The Office of the Principal and Human Resource Department are to receive such complaint.

Other Reporting Options
In addition, to reporting misconduct to the College representatives, in some circumstances, there is a duty to report allegations of criminal conduct to law enforcement.

If a complainant request confidentiality or asks that the compliant not be pursued, College will take all reasonable steps to conduct the investigation and respond to the complaint within the conditions requested. The requests for confidentiality will be weighed against the following factors:

1. The seriousness of the alleged harassment
2. The complainant’s age
3. Whether there have been other complaints about the same individual.

Investigation of Misconduct

Informal Resolution
With the consent of the complainant and the alleged perpetrator, Office of the Principal, deems the circumstances to warrant doing so, a matter may be resolved through non-disciplinary interventions (e.g., counseling, academic accommodations). A complainant has the right to end the informal process at any time and begin a formal student conduct proceeding.

Formal Student Conduct Action
Should informal resolution be inappropriate or unattainable, the matter will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee.

Standard of Evidence
LMDC utilizes a standard of preponderance of the evidence when reviewing a complaint.

Disciplinary Sanctions
The specific sanctions available to the Disciplinary Committee may differ depending on the circumstances of the matter being addressed. In general, however, sanctions imposed upon students determined to have violated this policy can include a range of sanctions including, but not limited to, warning, counseling, disciplinary probation, suspension or expulsion from college.

When the conduct involves allegations of a crime of violence, College will provide written notification of the final results of a disciplinary proceeding.

Support Resources
Counseling services for medical and emotional well being, are available to victims of misconduct. Contact information and general advice on how to seek assistance for yourself or another person who has been a subject of misconduct can be obtained from the Principal Office.


Against Students: Disciplinary sanctions for student violations of this policy will be imposed in accordance with the Student Professional Code of Conduct. Sanctions may include expulsion from college.

Against Employees: Disciplinary sanctions for employee violations of this policy, which may range from a disciplinary warning to termination from the College, will be imposed in accordance with applicable College policies.