Code of Conduct

Lahore Medical & Dental College

Code of Conduct LMDC

Code of Conduct


All students of Lahore Medical and Dental College are to carefully read the rules and abide by the rules as envisaged in the prospectus, college notification, student guide, and their modifications as and when issued. Violation of these rules is tantamount to breaching college discipline. The case as maybe will be investigated by the designated inquiry committee and forwarded if needed to Disciplinary Committee for further action. The recommendations will be forwarded to the Principal/Dean of LMDC for necessary further action.


  1. The student must display their identification cards at all times while on college premises and the hospitals
  2. Students must maintain the decorum of the college by displaying decent and respectable behavior
  3. Students are not allowed to move aimlessly within college premises
  4. Students must be punctual at any specified college activity


  1. Mandatory compliance is expected of the rules and regulations vide- Undertaking given on admission (Appendix A). All fines imposed and disciplinary actions taken will be mentioned on the college leaving certificate.


  1. Ragging is strictly prohibited. Anyone found guilty will be imposed a heavy fine and other disciplinary actions including rustication/ expulsion from college/ hostel.
  2. The students should wear a white coat and their I.D tags all the time during academic hours
  3. Roaming on college premises is prohibited
  4. The appearance and dress code must be by the accepted norms and dignity of the profession. The following are not allowed:
    1. Extreme hairstyles
    2. Revealing clothes
    3. Visible body parts
    4. Body and face jewelry (except small ear studs, necklace, and simple ring)
    5. Untidy dress
    6. Slippers
    7. Track Suite Trousers 
  1. Pasting/ hanging posters, graffiti, and promotion material of any kind is prohibited
  2. Any type of political activity, demonstration, protest, or procession is strictly prohibited. Offenders/ abettors will be expelled from college
  3. Any damage whatsoever caused by the student will be recovered/ repaired ‘as per actual’ from him/ her. A fine may also be imposed
  4. All students must provide their and parents’ / guardians’ correct mailing addresses e.g., phone numbers and emails. Any falsification in this regard will be considered a breach of discipline and any loss to college consequently, will be recovered from the student in addition to fine
  5. Use of Alcohol and drugs and keeping of arms of all types are strictly prohibited. The offender will be expelled from college
  6. Falsification/ abuse of college record/ data shall be considered a serious offense, resulting in strict disciplinary action
  7. Any misconduct/ negligence on the part of a student which endangers the life, health, and safety of other students and/ or staff or brings disrepute to the college shall be considered a serious offense and will be punished accordingly
  8. Violation of morals, such as the use of indecent language, inappropriate remarks, and gestures, abusive quarreling, fighting, and insolence towards fellow students, faculty, or staff
  9. Impersonation of any academic, financial, or otherwise gain shall be considered a serious offense and will be punished accordingly
  10. Theft and fraud will bring severe punitive action to the offender
  11. Any intimidation/ harassment for the reasons of age, gender, race, disability, or religious belief shall result in expulsion from college
  12. College and Hostel premises are strict ‘NO SMOKING’ zones. Non-compliance in this regard will result in a fine of Rs.1000/- and a warning. The parents will also be intimated. On the next violation, rustication of students will result. The third violation will result in expulsion from college
  13. Any kind of press conference, interview, writing articles, etc. in media (print and electronic) are strictly prohibited violation shall be seriously punished
  14. Parking of vehicles of students inside college premises is not allowed

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