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Affiliations & Accreditations

At LMDC we offer an international standard of education to help prepare you for the future and to ensure that you obtain all of the credentials required to achieve your career goals no matter the location.

Pakistan Medical Commission

Lahore Medical & Dental College has been recognized by the Pakistan Medical Commission for over a decade, covering our College of Medicine and College of Dentistry.

This recognition gives our graduates full eligibility to take their education to the next level by completing further education and appearing in professional examinations on a global scale – a step many of our graduates have taken – in the US, UK, Europe, and more.

These include all of the United States medical licensor examinations, Royal College of England medical certifications, as well as full clearance to appear in the National Dental Board (NBD) part 1 +2 exams, just to name a few.

Our PMDC recognition also allows students, upon graduation, to obtain residency in medical facilities around the world along with placement in Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) programs in the top universities so that students may utilize their degree and education to the maximum level.

We are proud to have had many of our students go on to complete post-graduate degree educations and are now working in hospitals and dental clinics worldwide.

International Accreditation of PMDC Standards

United States Education Department (NCFMEA)

The system of recognition/accreditation through inspection by PMDC had also been reviewed by the National Committee on Foreign Medical Education & Accreditation (NCFMEA) of the US Department of Education. The standards used by PMDC for accreditation and inspection of medical and dental colleges in Pakistan have been declared comparable to US standards.

General Medical Council U.K. IMED & FAIMER

The system of accreditation had also been approved by the General Medical Council U.K. and all the colleges recognized under the PMDC ordinance 1962 are also automatically recognized by the General Medical Council and the graduates of these colleges are eligible to sit in the PLAB examination for higher education in the United Kingdom.
Previously the General Medical Council used to conduct inspection of medical colleges in Pakistan through their inspection team for recognition of the medical college. All the colleges recognized under the PMDC ordinance 1962 are also automatically recognized by FAIMER and IMED in the world directory.

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