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Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

Where could this BDS degree take you?

As a top BDS university in Lahore, LMDC is proud to be your guide through learning dentistry. The college offers Bachelor of Dental Surgery as a primary degree and has one of the most noteworthy program of BDS in Pakistan. The Bachelor of Dental Surgery trains students to be dentists that provide excellent patient care and contribute to society by being the public health leaders in their community.

A BDS degree can take you to different careers paths including academic, administrative, and dental practice positions.

Dentistry Practice

Most people after getting a dentistry degree end up practicing in hospitals or setting up their clinics. This involves examinations, diagnostics, and treatment of dental patients. Such jobs can have varied job hours and you end up spending most of your time in hospitals or outpatient clinics. You can also train in specific specialties and post-graduate courses over time.


The field of dentistry is constantly changing as more innovations and technology flood the market. As a dental researcher, you can look into a variety of subjects like disease research, development of new dental material, and modernizations in surgical techniques. A research career can mean you will end up working in a laboratory, pharmaceutical companies, research institutes, and even medical research charities.

Dental Academia

If you are a trained dentist, there are many opportunities of serving as an academic and teacher at a medical university. You can teach core sciences and help students conduct research as a coordinator. You can make a difference as a teacher and help train future dentists. It is an ideal option for those who want to stick to theory and help adapt the curriculum with more advances in medicine.

Entrepreneurship & Administration

Another significant career path after studying at LMDC (BDS university in Lahore) is to become part of the public health institutes that work on making policies around medical and health. Administrative posts can mean you will be helping the ministries and local government in implementing health rules and regulations in dental practice. There is also a possibility of you setting up your firm and companies that provide dental services like telemedicine consultations or building products that are used by the patients.

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