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Bachelor of Biotechnology  (BSc Biotech)

Where could this BS Biotech degree take you?

As one of the top BS biotechnology offering universities in Pakistan, LMDC’s Ruth Pfau College of Life Sciences prepares you to take on the challenges of academic and your professional lives. Biotechnology is one of the most developing and energizing field of science around the globe. It utilizes any natural framework (living creatures or their subsidiaries) to offer novel solutions to any issue related to human life, from health to mass production of food and crops. This means that it can have diverse career opportunities. These opportunities can be academic, administrative or research oriented.


If you have a knack for innovation and you enjoy working in a laboratory, genetics may be a good field to pursue. You can work in fertility labs or find work in pharmaceutical companies looking to develop new drugs and products. The work can be focused around disease to genetic modification.


With a degree in biotechnology you can purse research into developing vaccines and finding solutions to diseases caused by viruses and other pathological vectors.


Bioinformatics merges the biological sciences with computer technology. In order to understand complex living systems, bioinformatics uses software and programs to track, analyze and study biological data, genes, and mutations across generations. You can do this as a part of private laboratory or within an educational institute.


You can purse career in biopharmaceuticals to design products like drugs, biosimilars, immunotherapies, and even cosmetics. With one- fourth of every new medicine being a biopharmaceutical, you can excel in such a career with help of a degree in biotechnology.

Clinical Research Coordinators

A significant part or research and development is perfecting the science of biological research itself. You can also be a part of a laboratory’s administrative staff that oversees the procedures and policies used to run it. Coordinator’s job in biological research is not only limited to Labs, you can also become part of regulatory authorities to devise new policies that govern pharmaceutical industry and its practices.

Plant Biotechnology

With Pakistan being an agricultural land, there is an extensive job market in agricultural sector and research related to crops and food production. You can choose to become a researcher that studies ideas to increase production in resource-poor areas and to boost crop productions. You can also become part of large corporations that manufacture food to implement quality control procedures.

Environmental Biotechnology

Another career prospect post Bsc. Biotechnology is to develop procedures and become part of regulation of biological systems so that environmental contamination can be stopped and more environment-friendly processes are established. You can work in government agencies that are looking for solutions for environmental hazards.


If you are a talented biotechnologist, you can also serve as an academic at an educational institute. You can teach biological sciences and help students conduct research. This might be a good career opportunity for those who enjoy theoretical aspects of the field more than the applications.


A significant career path might be to set up organizations and businesses that find modern day technological solutions to biological and environmental problems.

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