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Bachelor of Nutrition  (Bsc Nutrition)

Where could this BSc Nutritional Science degree take you?

As a trained nutritionist, you can follow several career paths. Nutritionists are qualified individuals who provide evidence based approaches to food intake and its impact on human health. At LMDC’s Ruth Pfau College of Nutrition Sciences we prepare you to take on challenges faced by the human beings in all things related to food and nutrition.

The degree program covers advanced nutrition, food policy, and nutritional analysis that can equip you to pursue a career in food sciences. We ensure that you attain transferrable skills during the course of the program to gain employment, venture into the word of business, or become and academic or researcher.

Nutritional Care

You can go the traditional route and start your practice as a nutritionist in schools, medical facilities, and hospitals. Many organizations employ nutritionists like long term care facilities, public health organizations, food manufacturing industries, non-profit organizations, and even government agencies. In most of these positions you would be asked to design food schedules and plans for people to aid in recovery or to optimize health.


An area ripe for good nutrition graduates is research. With innovation and technology traditional aspects of food sciences have morphed into new subjects. As a food researcher, you can look into which food and nutrients are beneficial for people, how do these nutrients help the sick, and even ways to fortify the food items to be used as supplements and aid in recovery. A research careers means that you can work in an academic institute, pharmaceutical companies or even medical non-profit organizations.


True lovers or theoretical frameworks around nutrition and food sciences may end up serving in academic and become lecturers and part of faculty at different institutes. You will teach students the concept of nutrition, biological systems, and why this science is of particular importance in the coming years for human race owing to predicted food shortages and climate change affecting agriculture.


We also prepare students to understand the sound principles of the food sciences in way that can be later used to setup businesses in the growing food industry. Students from RCNS are taught the principles of entrepreneurship so that can start their own practices or become consultants.

Policy & Administration

Another noteworthy career path after studying at LMDC’s Ruth Pfau College of Nutrition Sciences can be to become a public health officer at governmental institute that focus on administration of food affairs and devise polices regarding it. Such a post can mean that you will end up helping health ministries at local, provincial, and national level with nutritional needs of the masses. You will not only be in administrative affairs but actually dictate terms, health rules, and regulations.

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