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Doctor of Physiotherapy  (DPT)

Where could this DPT degree take you?

Doctor of Physical Therapy offers you exciting career prospects in:

Physical Therapy Educational Institutes:

There is a tremendous potential in Pakistan as it is still a developing country. Pakistan has shown maximum literary rate increase throughout the world over the past few years. This shows how swift is the rate of increase in the number of higher education institutions. So there is an immense vacuum in this area in the near future. The graduates who are good in teaching and have excellent teaching skills will be enjoying an outstanding career.

Hospitals & Clinics:

Physical therapy is the core of the health and medicine. No hospital can give quality treatment without a team of physical therapist. A physical therapist plays his/her role with a team of Health Care Professionals as a Cardiopulmonary PT in ICU and CCU, Orthopedic rehabilitations expert, Neuro Rehab Specialist etc. Physical Therapists work both in the in-patient departments as well as in the outpatient dept. Hospitals in our country are divided into:

Public Sector:

Public sectors include teaching hospitals, primary care hospitals, Secondary care and tertiary care. Currently, according to WHO criteria, there should be at least 1 physical therapist in each secondary care center

Private Sector:

Unfortunately, the public sector hospitals in Pakistan have limited resources. So in all major cities of the country, there is a continuously increasing trend towards private hospitals and clinics which are giving quality health care facilities.


The effects of Physical Therapy in sports domain are quite evident. There is a phenomenal decrease in the rate of sports injuries. Due to proper training of the individuals, the sportsmen nowadays are more agile, strong and tough. Physical therapist is must with the team of almost all the sports which require physical activity.

Rehabilitation Centers:

Rehabilitation centers are meant for the psychological and physical rehabilitation of the otherwise healthy individuals.

School Systems and Special Education Institutes:

Physical therapist is involved in the physical assessment of the students. It is very necessary for timely screening of the students so that necessary help be advised to the parents.

Public Health:

Physical Therapists are appointed in hospitals in government sectors as Physiotherapists in Grade 17as the initial grade of appointment. In addition to these Physical Therapists are working in Nursing Care Facilities, Skilled Nursing Facilities and Long Term Care Facilities, Home Health Care Services and Armed Services. According to recent report of FORBES, international companies which evaluate and ranks different professions worldwide, Physical Therapists are at world’s Top 6th position of jobs in 2014!

Where could this DPT degree take you?

If you are securing DPT admission, it becomes important to understand what prospects are available to you in your professional life. A DPT degree culminates into several career paths like practice, research, teaching, etc. Our DPT degree is a professional qualification that can help you land prestigious positions and help you materialize your career goals.

Patient Care & Practice

As professionals, most graduates decide to practice at hospitals and inpatient rehabilitation facilities. You can provide care to patients with chronic and short-term issues. While some of you might end up working in an emergency, most physical therapists work during the rehabilitation phase to provide intensive therapy to patients.

Clinical Research

Physical therapists also end up conducting research and work on solutions and management of chronic health conditions and injuries. Your work in research can have a significant impact on patients and their quality of life.


Some of you may opt to teach future students of physical therapy and carry on the mantle of medical education forward. This career path is best for those who enjoy academics. You can also land positions as coordinators, teachers, and supervisors for future physical therapists under training.

Elderly Care

There is renewed interest in the field of physical therapy for the elderly. With a growing elder population, there is a huge potential to provide your skills at nursing facilities or end up managing your patients who need help with independence, quality of life, and mobility.

Sports Physio

The growing sports community in Pakistan provides a new career path for physical therapists. You may end up working with the biggest names and teams in sports to help them with injuries, movement, and training them to avoid physical damage.


If you have a strong focus and are determined to build something of your own, this might just be the qualification you need. Physical therapists can end up working as CEOs in their businesses like exercise portals, telemedicine apps, and working on manufacturing and improvement of support material for physical disabilities and conditions.

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