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Doctor of Pharmacy  (Pharm D)

Pharm D Admissions

Pharm D admissions program at Lahore Pharmacy College is designed in a way that can identify the future pharmacy practitioners, researchers, and leaders. We believe taking a holistic approach to admissions can help us identify these leaders. The approach focuses on the academic career of the student and also sees how they deal with other challenges of learning like motivation, communication, team building, leadership, and problem solving.

All of this effort can help us put together a class of students that yearn for innovation and have an inquisitive mind. A class that comes together from different walks of life can foster a challenging and learning environment for all those present.

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It is important that you meet application deadlines to secure admission in any D pharmacy in Lahore. Find out all our timelines and dates for admission in Pharm D program at LMDC.

Admission Open 2022

Learn about LMDC admission requirements and eligibility for our MBBS, BDS, DPT,
Pharm-D, RCNS, & RCLS programs.

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