Pharm D Degree at Lahore Medical & Dental College

Doctor of Pharmacy  (Pharm D)

Where could this Pharm D degree take you?

As one of the elite pharmacy colleges in Lahore. Lahore Pharmacy College is proud in helping train the future doctors of pharmacy. The college offers the Doctor of Pharmacy program as a primary degree and has established itself as one of the most prominent pharmacy programs in Pakistan. Our Pharm D degree trains students to be pharmacists that provide excellent care and contribute to the society as community leaders, researchers and members.

Our Pharm D degree can take you down different careers paths including practical, academic, and administrative positions.

Pharmacy Practice

The traditional path after a Pharm D degree takes you to become a pharmacist at a hospital, clinic, or institutes. You can work at retail pharmacies and help prepare and dispense prescriptions for the population for illnesses and general health.


You can also start your own pharmacy business with help of your degree and apply your knowledge and expertise for business purposes. Entrepreneurship is a cornerstone of pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan. If you have a constant hunger to make better medicines, solve problems and create value in the society, you can easily build and grow a pharmaceutical company that manufactures and distributes products.

Research & Academia

A clear pathway for those who enjoy the theoretical aspects of pharmaceuticals is to stick with research and academia. This way you can help train the future students of pharmacy and impart your knowledge. Those of the pharmacy graduates that go on to get further training, can also have fulfilling careers in research into new drugs and improvement of formulas of existing drugs.

Public Health & Administration

As one of the best pharmacy colleges in Lahore, we try to not limit our students to traditional aims. We encourage our alumni to partake in other aspects of health by being a part of the public health efforts by the state institutes. You can choose to perform a variety of roles in public health projects like help administer mass vaccinations in at-risk populations or help prepare for pandemic and naturally occurring disasters. Such positions are present at local, state, and national levels in Pakistan.

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